Sunday, 13 June 2010

A break in the cloud......

Well, it has been a very pleasant weekend break, and it has been cloudy, so I suppose that counts......

Actually, I am feeling a lot happier: it is easy to lose perspective sometimes. This leads one to concentrate on the newsworthy negatives and ignore the non-stories of life just ambling amiably along.

I spent a fair amount of this weekend tinkering up a present for a friend of James and Amy's. It's a tiller pin and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.

Also, I saw our chum John III from nb Monteyzoomer. He regaled me with a horror story of his visit to Cambridge in Montey last week. Apparently, one of the resident boaters came and told him, in no uncertain terms, to move off the visitor mooring between the pump-out and the restricted area downstream of the lock gates as 'This mooring is reserved for mooring licence holders who want to go shopping'.

I've emailed Pip Noon at The Cam conservancy asking for some signs to be put up to this effect. I'd no idea we'd all been being so inconsiderate..........

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  1. My impression is, having talked to Adrian, that there's no mooring at all officially allowed on that side, save for the use of the waterpoint. Any mooring would be too close to the lock. He's told us off for mooring there a few times, despite the "visitor mooring" signs still affixed to the edge of the concrete coping there!