Friday, 28 August 2009

A pause......

We've been silent for over a week as our lap-top has been at the menders.

It shouldn't have taken that long, but they emailed us a quote which we had to agree to before they would start the work.

Can you spot the flaw in this approach?

Anyway, it's all sorted and The Ship's Computer is back with us and working.

A great deal has been happening in the meantime:

I have started a new job. The training is excellent, the management structure is good, and we new recruits already feel valued.

An enormous contrast to the hideous stop-gap job I left a couple of months ago!

This already feels like a career.

Otherwise, followers of Lucky Duck will know from their blog that Pippin has been helping with the paint prep and painting, and they have been helping us too.

I have also bought a very large piece of ex-Army camouflage netting to beef up the Stealth Wood-pile's defences. This came from The Army Surplus Shop in Cambridge.

A trip to Emmaus relieved me of £12 in the process of acquiring a lot of mahogany for the cruiser deck project (more of which another time....) and a tool for holding things to the bench while working on them. (Come on, I can't say "I've just spent £2.00 on a new vice" without attracting comment, and very possibly, the wrong sort of internet surfer, now can I?)

Anyway, more newsand pictures when time allows.

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