Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Quick Apology .......

Firstly for not posting for ages.....

Our normally pretty reliable Wireless Internet doobery has been fading in and out like the old Short-Wave signal. Jackie rang our service provider and apparently "engineers are looking into it"......(which has the same ring of truth about it as an MP's expenses claim........)

Secondly, sorry to nb Wibbenwaw and Halfie for deleting your comments from "The Water Buoy and the Car-Wash" post.

The reason for this was a friend of ours posted our location on Googlemaps as a comment on that post.

Call us paranoid if you like, but not all who surf the Worldwide Web do so in the spirit of friendship and co-operation envisaged by Sir Tim Berners-Lee.....

In short, we felt it only fair to our landlord and neighbours in our little floating parish to ensure their continuing safety and security by removing Mike's link to our Googlemap location. (It's a shame because it's a lovely shot!)

Problems arose in the process. Even with the combined efforts of experienced bloggers The Lucky Ducks, we were unable to do so without deleting the entire post and starting again! (Drink had NOT been taken, by the way...)

So, sorry for that, and hope that no-one's offended by our wish to maintain an air of mystery!

1 comment:

  1. No problem.
    Understand about security - we never post photos of the boat or publish real time positions/photo's. 99% of Internet users are fine; its the 1% we worry about.