Friday, 8 May 2009

What a week......!

Quite a lot of stuff has been going on. Mostly work.....However, we shall begin at the start.....

Having got back from Ely, which we left very much in the condition in which we found it (ie hardly dented at all), we had the pleasure of having our Soho chums Rik and Annie over for Sunday lunch.
Jackie did fresh local asparagus with poached egg, sea-bass fillets, crushed potatoes, peas and broccoli and Eton Mess. Fab food, but blimey, did we drink....... John had to go for an afternoon nap, and apparently didn't snore so loudly that the guests noticed (though of course, Jackie did, but then, is attuned to it.....). R and A stayed over on Sunday night and drove back to London on Monday morning at silly o'clock so Annie could get to work at The French House for 10.00am.

The Pippins, meanwhile, did not stir from their bed of pain until gone 11.30, when John discovered Jackie had gargled down The Last Resolve. Lots of fizzy water and a slice of dry toast later, he managed to unwrap the new coolie hat for the chimney that Jackie had bought from the Ely Chandlery. A swift burst of electric drill removed the remnants of the old one (that went "splosh" in a strong gale in December) and drilled the holes for three shiny self tappers that will hopefully hold the new one on for a bit longer..... Some nifty screwdriver work saw the new coolie hat installed.

In all, about 10 minutes work. John then went for a well deserved nap of some three hours, from which he emerged feeling about 67% human, which was as good as it got for Bank Holiday Monday.......

From Tuesday through to Thursday, John was back near Diss, working on the painting and decorating of Erica and Jeremy's cottage: (down to the fiddly stuff now, which takes ages, but makes the difference between an good job and an outstanding one)

Worked at the vineyard on Friday........Came home to a quick chat with The Ducks and a view of this super moon.

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