Thursday, 28 May 2009


Today, I have mostly been making kindling.

I started off this morning by re-organising the wood-pile (A leaden joke involving wood, trees and seeing threatened there, but I resisted....).

I have constructed a shelter of sorts over the split logs. It will keep them dry while allowing enough air to get to them to allow them to season properly.

I then turned my attention to a lerge pile of recovered wood (most of it from when we had the wooden sash windows replaced in Jackie's studio flat in Highgate. I spent the rest of the day sawing plankafter plank to length, then splitting it up into kindling with a hand axe. Most satisfying!

The result filled two large plastic laundry bags. I reckon that's enough for a couple of months at least.

It also means I can actually see some of the little projects which have been hidden the while: Like my patent tiller extension (a broken oar found at the weir), Jackie's garden furniture find, and the varnished pine shelving that may yet go again as a base for the gas canisters in the forrard gas locker (which I will of course have to strip, de-rust and paint properly first.....)

So, one job jobbed, several more found.


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