Friday, 2 May 2014

On Chesil Beach..........

Actually, I haven't been anywhere even remotely NEAR it, but had I been, I would doubtless have spent the last couple of months poking about in the shingle looking for sermons.

(Apparently, St Francis of Assisi once gave no sermon at all, on the grounds that the Spirit hadn't moved him.

Okay for Saints and their sermons, I suppose, so why not for this member of the laiety and his blog posts?)

Anyway, it's not that lots hasn't been occuring down here in Groovetown, I've just lacked the essential urge to wibble on about it.

High time to address this.

We went to Cheffins Vintage Auction out at Sutton near Ely last weekend. It's always a fun gathering, with lots of great stuff to see.

Old tractors by the score:

Then there were the steam engines:

Not the same engine from a different P.O.V! These are a matched pair of ploughing engines.
(The balance plough and a tilling implement they would have worked were sold as separate lots.)

I've always wanted my own road roller........

(It may have something to do with school bullies and one of the closing scenes in 'A Fish Called Wanda'.... which is a bit tragic, really, seeing as I'm now over fifty........)

This little Ransome was tempting, as it was more realistically within my price range.
 (And would probably squash childhood enemies with equal efficiency,
always assuming, I suppose, that they could be persuaded to lie still and not run away......)

But enough of the psychological havoc wrought by the Comprehensive School system of the 1970's.
Jackie jerked me back to reality by leading me round the paddock where the odds and sods were.

Old tractor tyres, piles of Horse Shoes, (that said SHOES! See me afterwards, young Tidy......), broken agricultural implements, buckets with holes in, Lister generator sets....... it was all there to be had.

But it was not any of these rusting flowers in this wondrous garden of delight that had us queuing up to register for bidding (£20, copy of catalogue included....).


It was this:

What an absolute belter!

Jackie fell in love with it.
It's a fully restored, up and running, ready to go 1959 Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 (colloquially known as the 'frogeye' sprite.)

I have the money.
I could have bought it.
I've even got this to put it in............

So why didn't I, for Heaven's sake?

Well, folks, I had a nasty attack of sanity.
For this space is spoken for.........

More of which.........,