Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Holiday time!

A couple of weeks ago we went on holiday to Bozburun in Turkey.

It was a lovely break!

It's most unusual for us to actually stop and do nothing for a bit.

(I mean, there's usually loads of boat jobs to do during any non-work committed time. And by this I mean the sort of jobs that involve angle grinders, harsh abrasives and lots of PPE, not the usual day to day chores like fetching wood, coal, water, diesel, cleaning, cooking, and fetching groceries. Or servicing the engine or the generator. Or fixing the Vacuflush 5000........ The list goes on..... and on....... :-)

And by "nothing", that's exactly what I mean.........

Nothing but sitting in the sun, or sitting in the shade, reading books, sleeping and eating lovely food.

We stayed at a beautiful place called Karia Bel.

It's very small, with only about a dozen rooms. Peaceful and quiet, with attentive staff on hand to look after you, with no children running around as it's over 16's only. (I don't mind children that much, but.......Ah!.......Peace!)

We flew into Dalaman via Easyjet, which was perfectly fine, and were met at the airport by our own people carrier (a first for me, this: I'm usually looking for the bus.....) to make the two hour transfer to Bozburun, which was smooth, steady, and without any drama.

We arrived at Bozburun in the dark. We were met at the jetty by the hotel's own speed boat, which whisked us across the moonlit Aegean to our destination. There's no road to Karia Bel.......

I have, sometimes, (and very rarely does it happen these days) felt that I have dropped out of the reality of my life and into the movie...... that's what it felt like crossing the bay. The feeling stayed with me for the rest of our stay.

Here's some stills from the movie:

The hotel speed boat dropped us off on a little island across the bay.

We enjoyed a hour or two exploring the ruins.

The most intact feature was this abandoned windmill.

This is Karia Bel seen from the island

This ruined church must to date from the time when Greeks lived on the island. I've no idea how long ago it was, but apparently both nationalities lived together fairly happily until around the 1920's when Nationalism reared it's ugly head and there were mass evictions.

There are the remains of icons still present on the wall of the chapel

Karia Bel, the bay, and Bozburun seen from the top of the hill on the island. It was quite a scramble to get up there! The indigenous goat population didn't seem to worried ny it though.......

The island in the distance is part of Greece. I think it's called Simi.
All in all, a wonderful holiday!  

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  1. I do understand that you may 'lack the essential urge to wibble on' but I can't be the only reader waiting with bated breath to see the Alvis!!
    I do miss your wibblings.
    Kath (nb Herbie)