Friday, 29 November 2013

Digging deeper.....

....and, for once, not deeper into the poo.........

I've spent today fossicking around the Alvis engine with Roger.

I also squeezed in a short break to nip round to Jane's to have a brief but loud nervous breakdown..

(She's used to this and coped admirably, force-feeding me tea and biscuits until the sense of being utterly overwhelmed receded.......)

It isn't that bad, actually.

(I suppose it never is, really, but if you are anything like me, you will know that one's sense of proportion is the first thing to go......)

It's just that I've been feeling stressed because I'm working to a deadline (the TR4 being finished), and I have to spend tomorrow and possibly Sunday too trying to resuscitate the Suzuki.

Thank goodness Mark The Engineer has agreed to help, or my toys and my pram would be in separate counties by now.....


Roger and I have extracted the camshaft.

(Chorus, off: "OOOOH Matron!")

The Alvis Club Oracle has been consulted.

Apparently, the factory laid-on about 20 thou of case hardening.

'Hmmmm' we thought,'it's got to be worth trying to polish out the corrosion with a whet stone........'

This Roger did while I drifted out the cam followers and cleaned them up.


Careful application of the micrometer showed that the fettled lobes are between one and two thou of the undamaged ones. So we still have at least 18 thou of case hardening to go......

What does this mean?

Cue drum roll...............

It means this cam will shaft again!



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