Saturday, 19 October 2013

Playing Catch-Up v.1.0

There has been a dearth of blog posts during the month of October.

Time to put this right with and end-of-the-month flurry..............

Around 4th October, we were still having some fine weather.

I took the opportunity to do a few little jobs that I had forgotten/back-burnered/been avoiding.

First, our stainless steel chimney, which arrived late last autumn, finally gained it's coolie hat....... :

Our generator had started to look a bit shabby, so out came the power file, rust was rubbed down and a protective coat of CIP primer was applied:
 It seems I neglected to take any 'after' pictures. Suffice to say, it looks a lot better....... in an industrial red-oxide sort of way........

 I went out for a ride on my bike. I took the camera with me and managed a couple of shots of Mark and Sheena's boat, wb "Norwiegan Blue" (aka The Ex Parrot).

James and Amy then motored past on nb "Willow" and I took a good few pictures of them too.

I had spotted a pile of recently felled wood on the towpath. James and Amy moored up next to it and I helped manhandle some large chunks onto their boat's roof.

This is Albert, my 1950's Raleigh bike. (Ex-Constabulary, 28" wheels, Sturmey-Archer four speed gears, weighs a ton.....)

It was a beautiful autumn day and the light was amazing.

The next day, I went back to grab some wood for us. Again, the lovely autumnal light was showing the river and it's environs to the very best advantage:

I spent a happy, if rather sweaty, hour or so splitting some of the really big bits down to a more manageably transportable size with wedges, wood grenades (pointy wedges which split in a spiral), my splitting maul, and lots of John Heft. This was the resultant pile.

I then transported it upstream, through Baits Bite lock and on to the field where Mark and Sheena moor the Ex-Parrot, where it was off-loaded into Mark's wood pile.
Here it will lie, seasoning in the sun........ (There's an irritatingly saccharine song title in there somewhere.......)

It was a golden and beautiful trip back.

If you're bored by now with pictures of the Cam in this sort of light, then tough.......

It simply doesn't get better than this, and I for one and going to look back on these pictures during the long, grey, gloomy and dark  months to come and remember these golden days........

How fitting such a lovely day should end with a lapful of cat.......



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    1. Glad you liked it! It was a lovely day to be on the water.