Sunday, 27 October 2013

"Blow, wind, and crack your cheeks!........"

We've rigged relieving tackles on both fore and aft mooring posts, the better to spread the load (and avoid a repeat of Pippin's 26 tons pulling a concreted-in mooring post out of the saturated ground like a rotten tooth- see blog posts passim...).

There's another two pins, one inside the other, to reinforce the center line post.

And that's all we can do, other than wait.

Both cats are aboard and hatches have been battened.

A few months ago I posted this photo:

Having just returned from seeing Tom Hanks in "Captain Phillips", I am now inclined to disagree........

That said, as the wind blows, I hope you're all having a safe and good 'goodnight' on the water.........

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