Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Battle of the Bilge

Despatches from the front line:

"At 08:30hrs today, elements of wb Pippin's Engineering team (John), launched a renewed attack on the rust in the bilge..

Good progress has been made, though a high concentration of Airborne Legion Particles proved troublesome. However, the PPE performed well.

The hot weather has been an advantage insofar as the bilge is bone dry, however operations are presently suspended to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

(It's also lunchtime..........)

Pictures follow:

Meanwhile, on other fronts, Jackie has restored power from the Generator by replacing a dud capacitor and after some cheese and biccies is going to change the oil.

Also, Martin Kedian and his team from Kedian Engineering have visited us and adjusted our shutters to eliminate the draught problems we had. Excellent Work!

And now, back to the front!

Transmission ends.

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