Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pick and mix assortment.......

I've not posted for ages.

Mainly because I've spent what seems like every waking moment when not at work either prepping or painting in the engine room.

I have to confess, I'm actually quite fed up with it..........

Anyway, here's some pictures of  "what's been happenin' down in Groovetown" since my last missive.

A rowing eight traversed the lock.
The crew all got out, put the boat through, then proceeded to, very gingerly, get back in.

I took, fittingly, eight pictures of their manouverings in the rather uncharitable hope of getting the "Aargh! Splosh! Gurgle" money shot....

But it would seem my Schadenfreude Allowance for this month hasn't come through.

Here they all are, safely through and getting up a head of steam for the row to Baits Bite.

Jolly good.

Our maiden friend who nearly dropped in for a drink last year drifted by again.

The bilge got more attention, but I'm sure you're bored rigid with that by now.

But actually, so am I.........

And if I had to suffer (bending myself into unfeasible shapes to accommodate the painting thereof), then you can suffer too!

This is coat one (of two) of Owatrol C.I.P. (Corrosion Inhibiting Primer) over two base-coats of Owatrol Oil.

This stuff is silly-expensive, but will be worth it if it works ( ie if I'm not doing this horrible bloody job again in less than five years time...... at the very least...... )

We will see...........................

A nimbus thunderhead forming
The weed cutter comes by to give Pippin's hull a trim........

And we await the arrival of some Great Crested Grebe chicks. This is the nest in the basin........

That's all for now.

More bilge updates soon!

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