Tuesday, 12 March 2013

To the rescue! Again.......

For quite a while, I have pondered the fate of what may well be the last of the Lowestoft ice-boats, 'Jester'.

(Ice-boat is my term, by the way, and may be inaccurate: but I have heard tell her original use and purpose was to ferry blocks of ice to the sea-going trawlers of that port to preserve their catch. (She wasn't an ice-breaker!)

Here are some pictures of 'Jester', currently moored at The Cam Conservancy's 'Naughty Mooring' at Clayhithe, near Waterbeach.

Some two or three years ago, Jester was towed there, I believe, as an 'abandoned boat', to be sold by The Conservancy to recoup unpaid river licence fees.

No buyer has been found.

This is hardly a surprise, as wooden boats in such an advanced state of decay as this are well known in boaty circles as "holes in the water into which rich men shovel money until it runs out or their hearts break"...........

I had thought to watch poor 'Jester' moulder slowly away to wrack and ruin.

But, a while ago, we holidayed in North Norfolk.........

The B&B we stayed at was awash with various fliers for local attractions, charities and fun stuff to do.

These included, strangely, (or, perhaps, serendipidously) a flyer for an organisation called Rescue Wooden Boats.

Their web address is www.rescuewoodenboats.com

So, today, I fired off an email to them to see if they might be interested in taking on the poor old 'Jester'.

I await any reply with interest.

But they'd better be quick.

The poor old barky's not going to swim for much longer!


  1. Not heard of wood rescue before. I wonder if the Boatbuilding Training Centre would be interested

    1. Any port in a storm!

      If you'd like to forward them a link to this blog/The Conservancy, then be my guest!.

      It would be a tragedy if such an important and rare historic survivor of our wooden fishing fleet were to continue to rot away neglected.

  2. Re a conversation this morning at the Hole Making Shop: HDV is a virus in it's own right, but it's a nasty little friend of HBV, and can only infect people who already have HBV :)

    1. Hello Athena!

      I thought it was you, leaning so elegantly on the tea-urn......!

      Sorry I didn't say a proper 'hello', but I was twixt and tween two different jobs as we were understaffed as usual.

      Next time, if you see me slaving away over no.3 drill rig or loafing about behind no.6 R&D shed, then stride up purposefully and make yourself known!

      We must meet up for a beer with those Ducks (or SevernerWillows....) soon!!


      PS. Neither HDV or HBV are as nasty as the Myspelingue Vyrus that can infect this blog occasionally. (usually after a quart of Guinness.......)