Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Musical chairs.

Our lovely (at least it was until China Kit-Kat Fforbes, the naughtier of our two resident felines, used it for talon sharpening duties) tub chair has been gifted to James and Amy, currently of nb Lucky Duck and soon to be of their lovely 'new' boat, the Tree Class Severner, mb Willow.

Amy is going to do something crafty in the way of loose covers which will disguise the chair's current state of dilapidation nicely.

I am very pleased about this, as, despite looking rubbish, (thanks to China), it's actually still a very comfy bit of furniture. Further, its unusually compact dimensions make it the perfect candidate for furnishing a narrowboat.

Also, I hate waste........

If something can be persuaded to go again, then it shall be made to do so, at least aboard this vessel..........

(I blame my parents for this. They were both born and bought up through the years of want of The Great Depression, then underwent the privations of war-time rationing and post-war 'make do and mend'.

Look, if I tell you that Dad still scrapes the butter papers clean, you'll get the picture.........)

So, mending, patching, or creating something new or useful out of something discarded still gives me a probably unhealthy thrill........

Looking at it, this is probably why I enjoy the bit of volunteering I do up at Emmaus in Landbeach so much.

(If you've not come across Emmaus before, Google it. I won't be able to do all their marvellous work justice here......)

Anyway, I rock up there once in a while and refurbish tools which have been donated so they can be sold in the shop. Often, all it needs is five minutes with a wire brush in an angle grinder to turn an item which would have been destined for the scrap bin into something of utility and value.

I can spend all day up there, grinding away, as happy as a pig in poo........ :-)

Also, it means I'm up there 'on the mooch' for items which may be of use to us or our friends.

A few months ago, I got this chair to replace the tub chair.

And jolly good it has been too.....


I popped up there today to drop off a few items we wanted to donate (having Emmaus handy keeps us on top of the de-cluttering........) and I saw this:

I love it!

 So, anyone want the swivel chair? 
(seen here left)

Just remember, if the music stops before you are sat down, then you're out!

The music, by the way, could very easily come from the huge cast iron framed 1890's upright piano that is up at Emmaus at the moment.

Now that would look really cool on Pippin......

I would just need to arrange a hiab, Engineer Mark, James, some heavy duty hydraulic jacks, ramps, much bigger stern doors, oh, and  Jackie to be out of the country for a while, and the job's a good 'un..........


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  1. I have a captains chair like that too - wonderful beasts aren't they!