Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Four candles? No, 'andles for forks....

We have had a couple of 'Two Ronnies' moments during the last couple of weeks.

(Visitors from abroad who have no idea what or who a 'Two Ronnies' moment is, please apply yourselves to Google, thus saving me a digression of such enormity that one of Oliver Sacks's footnotes would seem the very soul of brevity in comparison...)


'Two Ronnies Moment' v.1.0

John and Mark are returning from re-roofing Jane's airship shed in a nearby Cambridgeshire village. John is driving The Hairdresser's Car. Both are tired, somewhat dehydrated and thinking chiefly of food and beer...... The conversation turns to mutual friends........

Mark: "Rhoda works in Cottenham"

John: "Where??? I didn't see the signs....."

'Two Ronnies Moment' v.1.1

John, Mark and James are having a beer in their favourite Parish pub following a successful Bank Holiday Monday installment of the BMC 1.5 engine fitting saga.

John nips outside to phone someone who may need a favour doing. During the conversation, the following exchange takes place:

John: " Well, Mark, James and I are sitting having a beer in The Sun..."

Friend: "Really? Aren't you the lucky ones! It's absolutely pouring down here!"

Well, we laughed......


Perhaps you had to be there, really.......

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