Thursday, 2 August 2012

Checking in

The silence that followed the posts around the time of Rik's death and funeral has started to seem ominous......

Sorry, everyone.

We're okay.

We've had Pippin blacked, we've been on holiday, we've rubbed down all Pippin's upperworks and are painting between rain showers.

Or at least, Jackie is: I'm back at The Hole Making Shop......

We've also towed the engineless narrowboat from Cambridge to near The Parish, sold it's surplus engine for proper money (I think the owner was delighted..... he doesn't make it that easy to tell. :-), and we are going to resume work on installing the BMC 1.5 on Saturday.

Lots of photos to follow of all sorts of japes, but for now, I must don my Hi-viz armour plated Hole-making suit and dash off to work.

Have a lovely day, one and all!

1 comment:

  1. So glad you both enjoyed a holiday and are back home safe and sound--even if you had to gird your loins for return to the hole making shop.
    Jaq and LesXX