Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Days......

I worked yesterday (Saturday) at The Hole Making Shop.

I do roughly one Saturday in four now, getting an extra day off in the week in return.

It's normally fine, but yesterday was a bit manic. One of the recent intake of apprentices (now a newly qualified journeyman) was off sick with a tummy upset and some mis-rota-ing had an experienced hand down to work when she'd already done all her hours for the week.

So the team was two down at the start.

Now, you aren't actually allowed to run in The Hole Making Shop, (it would be like running with scissors, only much, much worse.....) but, by golly, I wasn't half walking fast for the first two sessions......

But it all went okay. Everyone pulled together really well and we had a pretty good day.

In the evening we cooked supper for a chum and had a lovely time. I drank a good deal of red wine and had an atrocious sneezing fit as a result, which reminded me it's Hay Fever time. (The extra histamines in wine can set me off). But no harm done.

Today we elected to go into Ely to pump out.We had thought to go into Cambridge, but a quick text to Amy Duck elicited the information that there was an important rowing event taking place between 10.00 and 15.00, so access to the upper Cam would be limited.

No problem, Ely it was, then.......

(Jackie did drive in by car first to ensure the pump-out was working. It's a long way to go to find it isn't!)

I took Pippin in. It was a lovely run. Cool, with the odd spot of rain, but lovely none-the-less. On the way back, I had a snooze while Jackie took the helm.

We got back through the lock and onto our mooring at The Parish just as the heavens opened and we had a proper downpour.

Perfect timing.

Happy Days!

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