Thursday, 23 February 2012

Towpath Talk........

I followed the link from Jaq and Les's blog to 'Towpath Talk' to read about their story. (For the link see their post "It came from the depths" on the 'Boats and Cruising "Valerie"' blog)

It was a shock to see my own name up, along with Amy Duck, as the same article (about boat bloggers) concerned itself also with the recent upheavals on the Cam......


Think of something pithy and entertaining!!!!

. . . . . . Er....

Okay, enough of that.

You're just going to have to put up with the usual load of old wibble.

It's been a long week at The Hole Making Shop and I am banjaxed.

We spent last weekend down in London working on Jackie's flat.

(No, we haven't made any progress, never mind finish it: I steamed an awful lot of wallpaper off the walls, removed a ghastly picture rail and made lots of holes in the plaster in the process. I also discovered a boarded-up 1930's air vent, which was responsible for a large area of blown plaster on the back wall.... Tony Snr, our spread, plumber, tiler and general all-round good guy, has been informed. We await the quote.....)

I then pulled four days straight in The Hole Making Shop, where we continue to break records.

79 units extracted from 38 holes on Monday alone!

(You will hopefully have no idea what I'm talking about - The Holemaker's Code would be irrepairably breached if I were to blog about it 'en clair', - but suffice to say, this is Rock and Roll!!)

Small wonder I'm knackered!

Anyway, enough of that: Having read Towpath Talk, you may well have tuned in for entertaining pith regarding The Cam Conservancy......

Sorry to disappoint, but there's not much new to add.

And no, as for any gags regarding The Conservancy and pith, well, I'm simply not going to go there.

Mother reads this.

Tomorrow, I shall be mostly chopping wood.

I feel it's important to rest after a period of extreme exertion, and a change is, they say, as good as.......

Actually, a boater chum of mine who frequents The Hole Making Shop recently expressed an interest in buying a cubic metre of Pippin Best Chopped and Split from us, so tomorrow will be spent sorting that out.

Jackie's back from London tomorrow night so I shall also be engaged in boat cleaning, tidying, wood, water and fuel replenishment and 'lovely supper' preparation.

Hardly got my work cut out at all, have I?

I may have a lie-in until, ooh, lets see, 6.00a.m..............!

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