Sunday, 27 February 2011

Quite a week........

Not only did we see our friends James and Amy Duck, we met Jasper Fforde, and then lost a job and a bike.

Where to begin.....?

The Ducks have blogged already about our meeting with Jasper Fforde at his talk organised by Topping's bookshop in Ely. It was great fun! I especially liked James Duck's choice of pew in the church where the talk was held: right at the back, bang next to the table with all the wine on.

James doesn't actually care for wine over-much, but bagsied the seats to ensure he and Amy were in close proximity to the radiator. (It was fairly chilly...). Never have I been more approving of this seeming lack of hardiness in the younger generation: it enabled me to nobble a top-up!!

Suffice to say, Jasper Fforde was brilliant. Jackie came to meet us after the talk finished (she couldn't get away from London early enough to join us for it), and we bought fish and chips, ate them down by the river, then repaired to the Cutter Inn for a little something to rinse away the grease. (A pint of Broadside and a half of Doom Bar in my case..... )

Good job Jackie was on hand to drive us all home......

The next day, the company Jackie has been editing for folded. We had been expecting this though, as it seemed a pretty fly-by-night operation. It's a shame as Jackie had just turned down an offer of six weeks with a reputable company in order not to leave her employers in a pickle, but hey, that's showbiz.....

Today, I went down to the tip at Milton to drop off the recycling. A few weeks ago, I bought a 1950's Raleigh Superbe ladies bike there for a tenner. I am rebuilding it with the help of ebay and our landlord, who, handily, is a Raleigh dealer. However, some bits are missing. Today I saw them all, along with some very desirable period accessories, all attached to a another dumped bike at Milton. I turned around to see if one of the lads knew what they wanted for it, only to turn back to see some thoroughly undeserving git wheeling it away!


But then again, some you win, some you lose.

They say trouble comes in threes. I hope this doesn't hold true for disappointments.

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  1. Hi John, Jackie,
    Chris and Simone here - was so nice to meet you both over the summer, but then we've had to disappear off to Bristol. We've been enjoying keeping up with your blog. We thought we'd let you know we've one of our own, if you're interested:
    Take care,