Monday, 28 February 2011

Funny? Interesting? Cool? Good Grief!!!!!!

Jackie has just nabbed the comfy chair from under me.

I now sit upon one of the dining chairs...


'So this is love'.....

I have just finished reading Jaqueline and Les's latest instalment on "So this is love " blog.

Good grief!!!!

You actually made me cry, you b*st*rds!!!

Okay, so here's how it goes.....

I got in tonight from a God-awful day at the Hole-Making Shop. I am absolutely banjaxed, tired out, knackered, and in every which-way exhausted......

(Hole-making is a serious game. Sod-it-up and you are in big-serious-go-away-and-stop-messing-with-me trouble........suffice to say that having been forced to run before I could walk on the 'Extremely Advanced Hole Making Course', (it doesn't help that my Sainted Mentor was absent today due to a family bereavement, so I was left to the tender mercies of less sympathetic people... i.e I was sodding-things-up left, right and centre....)

I tune in to Blogger.

There it is: Jaqueline Almdale's latest blog.

Okay, so I cried.

I cried at 'Sleepless in Seattle', which should give you a clue.......


So now I'm over it.....

Jaqueline, please could you send me your address, complete with zip code, via "The Lucky Duck's" blog? Amy Duck has a cunningly concealed email address on their site, and I've asked her permission and she's happy for me to use it....('Pippin's' blog won't let me comment on any other blogs, or maybe only once before the icons disappear, and I promise you I'm not being blocked as a whack-job as James and Amy are dear friends and I can't comment on their blog at all !!!.).

The reason I ask is that I have in my possession a little book which I think you will enjoy. I would like to post it to you. It is by L.T.C. Rolt and is about the origins of the canal preservation movement in the UK.

You and Les are welcome aboard wb Pippin for drinks, lunch or supper whenever you choose to take us up on the offer.

With love,

John and Jackie. XX


  1. John,
    I will email Amy tonight with my address. It's very kind of you to send an RTC Rolt to me. And you are right--I would love it! I am so touched and thrilled you are enjoying our adventure. Let no one say Animal has no heart! I think I can safely answer for both Les and myself--we'd love to join you and Jackie on WB Pippin someitme.
    Much love from the Americn Fraggle contingent,

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