Sunday, 11 October 2009

A Toast to Autumn.....

No, not the clinking of glasses, (for once...)

I mean the bread sort.

Forgive me if you are a seasoned boater and think I'm daft for blogging about what to you may be a re-invention of the wheel, but the Pippin method of toast-making has caused much amusement amongst guests.

Thing is, it's seasonal. Yes, the nights are drawing in and the autumn morning chill makes a fire in the stove a weekend essential:

When we first moved aboard two years ago, we tried making toast on the top of the stove. The problem was that the toast stuck on to the stove-top resulting in a rather unappetising crumbs and carbon mess.

Our friend Nicola, (who's house in Ware we have stayed in, painted and kitten-minded while the family was on holiday) came up with the answer:

Her kitchen is equipped with an Aga, and to make toast, she uses a sheet of special Aga paper on the hot-plate. This doesn't burn, but produces a layer on which the toast cooks without sticking. Brilliant!

However, the proper Aga item is produced in circles to fit the oven's hot-plates, and being Aga, is a tad expensive.

We found an alternative at John Lewis in Cambridge. "Bake-O-Glide" is a reuseable, non-stick cooking liner. It comes in a roll so can be cut to shape to fit your stove top (I made a paper template first out of newspaper). You can leave the paper on the stove top once it's cut to shape. It washes easily in the sink and lasts about six months before getting frayed.

I have to say that I think stove-top toast is infinitely preferable to the gas-grilled variety: it saves gas, is easier to keep an eye on, is more evenly done and best of all, spreads the appetising toasty waft through the boat very efficiently.

Et voila!

This blog was bought to you by The Toast Marketing Board:

"Eat more toast! It's tasty and nutritious"

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