Friday, 2 October 2009

Ginger Ninja Toe Assassin

Tom Kitten went to the vets again yesterday. He was jabbed again, had his ears prodded, tummy felt and heart listened to. He also had another worming tablet. Despite all this, he behaved really well, with no claws or teeth displayed or deployed.

However......He is developing his stalking techniques rather fast.

He has decided to ignore the blankets in an old wooden wine box which we provided as a bed in favour of my sock drawer, which is under our bed. At dawn, (the preferred time for a surprise attack: he's obviously been studying the manuals...) he emerges stealthily from the socks, creeps under the bed then launches himself with lethal intent on any exposed human toes which may be poking out from under the duvet.

More effective than any alarm clock, but a darn site more painful!!

I'm going to get some steel wool and and start knitting us some armoured bedsocks.

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