Saturday, 5 September 2009

Visit from one of Britain's Finest Shakespearean Actors

Last Sunday, we were joined by our Soho chums Sally and Phil and Malcolm and Catherine.

We all had a lovely buffet lunch prepared and served by Jackie as I steered Pipppin towards Cambridge,where we pumped-out.

I've got to share Malcolm's thank you note, simply because it is a work of genius, and more than does justice to our humble efforts in the hospitality department:

Dear Hearts of the First Rank!
What a splendid marvellous banquet-feast of a holi-day! 

Truly, a multi-millionaire who might yet command
the whole world with the power of his wealth
could not have hoped for any thing
higher or more especial!
The finest wines!
Haute cuisine!

And company beyond delights' describing! 
And all aboard 'Cleopatra's Barge', serenely poised,
soon gliding our way to dreaming Cambridge.
And lo, t'was there a miracle was enacted,
whereon, our party disembarking to savour the fragrant air of that fair town, 
Pippin's loaded tummy-tanks were swiftly disgorged by noble Captain Long-John; 
with O such a lightness & sweet delicacy of hand,
that passing throngs at Sunday leisure,
gnawing on brave burgers or sucking the sweets of melting ice-cream,
were let but hardly a moments pause to quiz the content of their recipes! 
Nay  barely a cough or spluttered guess as to the nature of such a sudden fruitful wind-shift, 
that so permeated then that watery glade;
nor how so subtle had been the trick of disappearing it! 

But all too short the halcyon day!
No sooner had we land-legs rediscovered when harsh-lecturing Time began her shrewish urgings;
& ere we had traversed the bankside park,
pausing en route to tout our thespic gifts in lusty audit for some new camp-spouting
of 'My Lady Fair';  
the dark beckonings of Taxi rank had won the test.
'Twas thus from there we sped to Cambrige Rail Stop, embarking, with sec's to spare,
once more for London's dirty lights,
where soon : 
Behind gallery Tated
Sad though elated,
Empty though sated,
Both slightly deflated,
(O loss unabated!)
Of Strawberries un-plated!
But Oh what a cream of a Day!
Eh? Hooray!
Dear Jackie & John,
Our Host & Hostess with the mostess!
Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!
Ever yours in warmest appreciation
Malcolm & Catherine

As I say, the man is a genius!

Why he was overlooked in The Birthday Honours list is beyond me.....

Never mind, there's always New Year's.....

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