Sunday, 27 September 2009

New term, and lots of new stuff....

Neither of us are teachers, but it has felt a lot like going back to the first day at school for me.....

The new job and training has been intense and hectic (hence the absence of any blogs for ages) but in a good way.....

I am bound by all sorts of Legal Eagle stuff to do with Client Confidentiality, about which I cannot and will not blog, but suffice to say I am off for a three day course tomorrow in how to make small, accurate holes in extremely sensitive material. The major problem with the process is that the material can react very badly to the hole-making process. This can lead to the mother and father of all paperwork mountains, so the aim of the course is to get us to make holes without doing so.

It requires a very steady hand.......

Anyway, enough of that.

News from our part of the Cam:

We saw our friend Rhian today. Great to see her and hear all the news from Chile.

James of Lucky Duck gave me loads of help yesterday in the re-organisation of the Stealth Wood-Pile. Thanks James!!

Pippin has been in the wars a bit though: Our Jabsco waterpump stopped working the weekend before last.

Rather than waste time with the local chandlery, (who are very rude, patronising, inefficient and always shut when you really need them) Jackie drove down to Jabsco HQ in Letchworth and bought a factory re-conditioned pump and accumulator for £30. (An improvement on the £140+ that the rude, patronising, inefficient and shut place would have quoted....). Jackie then fitted it, all on her own, with no help from me. (I'd just given blood so was hors de combat) Result!!

Big round of applause here for Jackie please.....

The next thing was the lights in our cabin.They'd been flickering a bit for ages, then died. Jackie to the rescue once again. I'd just finished sorting out the woodpile when she had sorted all the problems with some new connectors. Job Done.

More worrying, and outside our collective skill-set, is the fact that the Monster Genny has stopped producing power. The diesel engine is running well, but no amps come forth. This looks like a service engineer's job.

Lets hope it's nothing too serious as a new Genny like ours will set us back about £2,500-£3,000.


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