Saturday, 18 August 2018

The world............. full.

The world is mostly full of forking idiots.

And the world is full of idiots forking.............

Tonight, Jackie challenged a man at the lock who was allowing his daughters to run across the vee-gate lock beams.....

(Danger of death by drowning: HIGH............)

He accused her of being 'aggressive' and 'a lefty'.

Personally, I think we should have left the twat to drown his children.

Then he would have had to explain it to his no doubt ex-wife.

But Jackie intervened.

Was abused.

But was absolutely right.

People, if you are going to let your children stand into danger, willingly, because you are a 'businessman' and 'this is the school of life', and you think my wife is somehow wrong for calling you out on your arrant foolishness and stupidity, then you are in no shape or form a fit parent.

End of.

Good luck with your continued attempts to drown your daughters.

Is this some attempt to get back at your wife?

We don't know.

But accusing Jackie of being 'abusive' says a lot.

You have been reported to the E.A and Cam Con.

We don't know if it will do any good, but we can only hope you will not be putting your children into danger any further.

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