Thursday, 30 July 2015

I would always rather laugh than weep........

.....for were I to weep, my tears would be of an all too impotent rage.

There has no doubt been a veritable snowstorm (sp?....Ah, the Auntie Mary Filter is still up and running, despite the lack of use due to low blog traffic these last few months.....) of commentary on blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and all other forms of Soshul Meedja concerning the killing of a majestic lion in Zimbabwe by a bow and arrow wielding tourist by the name of Walter Palmer.

I cannot bring myself to add to it.

What do you say about someone so entirely deficient in every respect that killing animals for fun is, for them, not a sign of deep dysfunction that should get them straight into therapy, but a perfectly respectable hobby?

Where is his moral compass?

What sort of magnetic field has warped it so badly that this sort of behaviour is not only considered acceptable, it is also not merely excused, but is actually condoned by his peers?

The answer lies in his profession:

It's good to know that he's in the right job, at least.........

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