Tuesday, 2 December 2014

At Last! The soundtrack!

It is important, I feel, in life, to be aware of the need for a decent soundtrack.

Pity then, all you youngsters, us older types who's early 1970's soundtrack featured the likes of Mudd, Showaddywaddy and The Bay City Rollers........

Good grief.

Yes I know NOW that there were groups like Focus, Cream, King Crimson, etc etc etc but way back then, when you were nine years old and had to rely on 70p per quarter (of a year) church choir pay to keep you in Airfix kits and Hornby 'OO', there wasn't a lot left over for the purchase of new gramophone records.......

Which is why I got a lot of stuff either second hand from jumble sales or found in actual tea chests, (remember them?), in the attic.

Aged 10, I remember having a distinctly 78rpm groove-thang going down.........

Boy, was I one rockin' kid............

It must have had a fairly profound and long lasting effect on my taste in music, though.

(Some might say that the music of the aforementioned Mudd, Slade, The Sweet, Showaddywaddy and The Bay City Rollers et al, had given me a sort of acoustic version of PTSD..............

It explains a lot.........)

Anyway, we recently stumbled upon this, the sort of sound that, along with Pink Martini, I would be happy to have as the soundtrack to our lives........ especially on long, warm summer evening drives in a certain 1948 Alvis TA14 dhc.........

This is Scott Bradlee and The Post Modern Jukebox featuring Kate Davis.


I think they are utterly brilliant.



  1. A good jazz piece - enjoyed it!

  2. As a teenager in the sixties I did have a slight musical advantage over those of the subsequent decade. Dave Brubeck, the whole jazz and blues scene, not to mention certain pop groups, Yardbirds spring immediatley to mind, that video fits right in. As they still say, cool.

  3. I confess to having enjoyed the original "All about the bass" by Meghan Trainor, but this version just blows it away, way into the long grass!

    Cool indeed!