Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Poised upon the brink...........

....of being painted.

This visit to the Alvis will be my last until it is resplendent in top-coat: I have been banned from the workshop 'so it doesn't spoil the surprise'....


Anyway, here's FU2 as it looked on Monday 2nd September:

Doors are being re-bottomed and new metal is  being let in to the bottom 6 inches of the skin.

Detail of front corner of door, showing earlier, (1970's) layers of 'repair'.

Front and rear wings now thoroughly sorted and awaiting top-coat

Likewise inner wings and front apron

Finally, three views of car awaiting final fettling before being sprayed

The next photos of car will be of it with all the colour coats completed.

Of course, as it will still be a long way from being finished, (and the big 'Chitty Bang Bang' reveal), they will be in black and white.


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