Saturday, 31 December 2011

A question posed........

This question came to me in the long dark watches of last night. (I woke up at three and had the very Dickens of a job getting back to sleep...)

What is the correct anatomical term for the funny-bone?

You know, the one in the elbow that tingles like billy-oh if inadvertantly bashed, leaving you uncertain whether to laugh or wince.....?

I only ask because, if the sense of smell resides in the nose, sight in the eyes, hearing in the ears and touch in the tips of your fingers, then the funny-bone is, obviously, where the sense of humour resides.

I also ask because James told me another Higgs Boson joke. (He and Amy dropped by for some supper the other night on the way back to Lucky Duck from Christmas visiting).

' " Two pints of lager and a packet of pork scratchings, please."

A Higgs boson particle walks into a bar.'

Hmmmmmm.............Perhaps you had to be there, really....

But then again, always handy to know in case you bump into any particle physicists at tonight's celebrations.

I'll bet they'll nearly have an accident.......


  1. I believe that your funny bone is at the end of your humerus (the bone running from shoulder to elbow).

  2. The version I heard, (which goes better, I think) is

    Barman: "We don't server faster-then-light subatomic particles in here!"

    A Higgs boson walks into a bar.

    Whatever, a happy New Year to the Pippins, and we must find a bar or pub that will serve Pippins and Moomins and Ducks for a drink in this new year.

  3. Happy New Year to you and Jackie. We are through the Cosgrove Aqueduct which closes tomorrow, and catching our breath for a push towards the Shroppie. Here's to all the fabulous things waiting for us in 2012!
    Jaq & Les
    NB Valerie