Sunday, 28 February 2010

Booze Ban Jan, No Fun Feb, and now, ????March.....

So it goes.

'The Diet' continues. The upside is that at least I can now, with the aid of ropes, mirrors and a bit of cantilevering, actually squeeze into a pair of 34" waist trousers (the only weight loss measuring scale we have on board.)

Elation then? Well, no.

I think I will have to persevere until I can actually wear the things. Without a permanent wince, that is.

Also, the tummy-roll bulges over the over-tightened waist line.

This is almost as unprepossessing a sight as that of the first Lorry-Tyred Michelin Men of Spring. Clad only in shorts, this infernal nuisance migrates from its winter habitat (the Golf Club's 19th hole) to its summer one, the waters of the Cam and Great Ouse, blocking every available mooring in Ely with plastic cruisers in the process.

I really should talk to The Cam Conservancy about organising a cull.....

Heaven, however, forfend that I should EVER , even ever so slightly, look like one of these ungainly creatures.

So, bring it on then:

"Miserable March"........

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