Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fen Tiger? Siberian perhaps....

James and Amy's blog mentions the apparent reappearance of The Fen Tiger.

Some interesting tracks appeared recently across our snow-covered and ice-bound inlet:

It's either the tiger, Tom Kitten having a touch of the Torville and Deans, or Miss Havisham's nemesis, Big Martin, or friend, The U.A of W Cat. (If this means nothing to you, see Jasper Fforde's series of books about the adventures of Literary Detective Thursday Next....)

The ice is still about an inch and a half thick, so Pippin isn't going anywhere soon.

Actually, we should be able to break out if things get desperate pump-out wise, as the ice has melted around all the boats in our little lagoon, so breaking it up wouldn't cause any damage to our or our neighbours blacking. But we're in no rush presently, so best to let nature and the warmer (?!) weather take it's course.

I've been busy in the wood pile as I'm on annual leave. (Hey, it's the nearest thing I've got to a shed, okay?) Large logs have been split into usable sizes, kindling has been made and many calories burned (Yes, Booze Ban Jan. has arrived with a vengeance.....).

I also managed to import this hibernating creature into the warmth of Pippin's interior, where it promptly woke up:

It was carefully captured and returned to winter storage in the wood pile. Lovely to see a reminder, if not exactly a harbinger, of Spring.

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