Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Ash Wednesday

I went into Soho today to attend the Ash Wednesday service at St Anne's church.

As I get older, I feel more inclined to mark Lent and try to keep it.

Jackie and I did Dry January successfully (okay, one minor slip on the 27th when drink may have been taken after we did Under Milk Wood...), so I'm packing in the booze again for Lent.

I think, though, it is equally important to take something on for Lent, too.

I am going to try to have at least one Quiet Day a week.

By this, I mean a whole day without talking.

Even to myself.

"Yeah, right", I hear you say.....

Well it's got to be worth a try..........

Also, after the service one of my friends there told me I had been name-checked on Radio Four by no less a personage than Rev. Clare Herbert, who was at one time Rector of St Anne's. If you want to have a listen, click the link to Radio 4's website.

Click on Tuesday 28th February then scroll down to 09:30 "One to One" 'Lucy Mangan on Responsibility'.

Clare comes across really well. Not a surprise: she's a great person.

After the service, I popped over to The French House to meet my chum Martin Cort for a catch-up. Dottie Phillips was also in attendance, so we chatted around a few ideas for what The French House Players might do next while enjoying a spot of lunch.

It was lovely to see old friends and colleagues from my days of working in the pub too: Annabel, Lesley and Annie were all in evidence, as was May, who I never worked with but remember keeping an eye on one lunchtime when her actor Dad came into town for a casting and needed a 'sitter' (She was probably about eight at the time...... now in her twenties......... :-)

Annabel too has decided to give up the drink for Lent. Though she hadn't realised Lent lasted until mid-April when she said she'd do it, she's gamely going to carry on!

The journey home was tricky: all trains were stopping at Cambridge and going no further. Thankfully, our neighbour Rhoda very kindly came out through some very heavy traffic to pick me up and bring me home.

Apparently, a poor benighted soul had ended their life in front of a train at Waterbeach station earlier in the day.

At time of writing no further details are available.

My heart goes out to the person, to their family, and to all the poor people who witnessed it.

Such a sadness.

And such a waste.